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About Duke stores

Delegated the 6th biggest activity of college stores worked autonomously in the US. UU., Duke University Stores positions first in deals per understudy. Not only a place for course readings and sweatshirts, Duke Stores handles 14 distinctive retail activities, books and office administrations. In the event that you can not get to the grounds, you can even do your shopping on the web.
The Duke Textbook Store offers course books, contemplate materials and periodicals for students. furthermore, law courses at Duke. The Duke University Medical Center Store offers course books, electronic items and instruments for understudies, workforce and staff at Duke Medical Center. The store likewise stores course materials and conveys an assortment of Duke trinkets, restorative regalia, medicinal garbs, welcoming cards, office supplies and other general items. The Gothic Bookstore offers scholarly, reference, PC and general degrees for the network of Duke University around the globe.
Duplicate and print
Duke Stores deals with a few projects that meet the innovative needs of the University office and the Medical Center. Duplicate Center offers an extensive variety of duplicate and print administrations. A departmental copier program offers copier renting through contracts with IKON, Xerox and Sharp USA. Likewise, Duke Stores introduces and keeps up open copiers all through the grounds and the Medical Center. A fax program offers little office hardware and directions benefit contracts through neighborhood providers.


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