University of California

We doubt the critics, we reject the status quo and we see the opportunity in dissatisfaction. Our campus, our faculty and our students are motivated by optimism. He is not naive; is essential. And it has driven all the achievements, allowing us to redefine what is possible, again and again.
This prospect of being able to do that has brought us 14 Nobel Laureates, 13 MacArthur Fellows, 116 NCAA titles and more Olympic medals than most nations. Our faculty and alumni helped create the Internet and were pioneers in reverse osmosis. And more than 140 companies based on technology developed at UCLA have been created.
What inspires MacArthur Fellows and Rhodes Scholars? What gave Jackie Robinson the courage to become the first African-American in Major League Baseball? What was the catalyst that spurred the Internet dream of Vint Cerf and Leonard Kleinrock?
The answer is optimism. And it’s in our DNA.
It is what allows us to advance and redefine what is possible. It impedes our focus on education, research and service and, in turn, opens unlimited opportunities for each student.
And through its revealing lens, we see beyond the classroom, which allows us to engage with the world at this time.
As UCLA progresses, we take advantage of our history to define our future. Every achievement and progress we have achieved justifies our optimism and calls us to build on our past. And as we approach the end of a century of excellence, we persevere firmly in future endeavors with the same optimism that brought us here.


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